Dog in shadowWhat I wish I’d known about dogs

Shiny Happy Doggy is a living, breathing guide to dog ownership.

It’s a record of everything I’ve learned about how to raise a dog. The fun bits. The surprising little nuggets that make life easier. The plain necessary information.

The star of the show is Shiva, the white boxer.

This is knowledge I wish I’d had at my disposal when I first brought him home. I hope by sharing it here, you and your dog can avoid some of the mistakes we made.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to know where everything came from. You’ll find lots of links in the articles to research and lots of mentions of people like Australian vet and raw feeding pioneer Dr Ian Billinghurst who wrote this fabulous book.

Here are a few of our most popular reads.

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Not just another blog about dog ownership

The internet is brimming with “information” about dogs and dog ownership. A lot of it is less fact and more recycled opinion. Ever notice how sometimes people repeat things often enough that they start to take on the semblance of truth? It makes it very confusing for dog owners.

You’ll notice that Shiny Happy Doggy is different.

What you’ll find here is not information I’ve just compiled from other random websites. It’s not even necessarily information your conventional vet will tell you.

The articles are based on knowledge I’ve gained through my own firsthand experience with Shiva.

On our way here we’ve taken some unscheduled detours. We’ve gotten stuck in a blind alley or three. Ultimately, in seeking out answers for my own dog, I’ve learned far more than I ever knew there was to know. And we’re still learning.

I’m glad you found your way here.

“Why are you so upset?”

I will never forget a vet saying to me, “Is there something else going on in your life that you’re so worked up over your dog?”

In that moment I knew this specialist, at the top of his profession, was a) not a dog owner, and b) didn’t get it.

At Shiny Happy Doggy we hope you can feel that we get it.