In a former life, Jane Cowan studied biological sciences and went to medical school.

But she changed course and ended up spending two decades as an award-winning journalist, reaching the height of her profession as a foreign correspondent for Australia’s respected national public broadcaster, the ABC.

When her Boxer dog Shiva got sick, she turned her investigative instincts towards his healing

Jane’s articles about dog health and wellbeing have been featured in publications including Dogs Naturally Magazine and The Bark.

She is the author of Supercanine, released February 2021.

Cover of the book Supercanine by Jane Cowan

Shiny Happy Doggy represents a distillation of the experiences of woman and dog, in sickness and in health. 

These are insights not prescribed by any conventionally-trained vet, nor dispensed by any pet store salesman.  

This is information discovered in the spaces between the official ports of call.

It is wisdom passed from dog owner to dog owner, shared in times of need.

The advice you’ll find here about how to raise a dog is practical.

It is anecdotal. It is heartfelt. Sample size? One.

Jane is not a vet. If she was, you’d be getting the same textbook answers you find recycled elsewhere.

In other words, none of the articles are intended to replace medical advice.

Rather, this is knowledge born of often painful, lived experience.

Shiny Happy Doggy seeks to pay it forward. 

May all our dogs be shiny, happy ones!