Dogs And Owners: 6 Portraits

We all know owners that look like their dogs and dogs that look like their owners. But the resemblance goes deeper than that. Actual scientific research has confirmed dogs’ personalities can come to mirror their owners’. It might be a result of shared life experiences. It could be down to owner bias in selecting the dog in the first place. But it’s a fact. Do you recognize you and your dog in these dog and owner portraits?

1. Tough and stylin’

Washington DC

I met this pair in the H Street neighborhood of the US capital. Tough, cool and immaculately put together. In the late afternoon light they positively glowed.

Young dog owner with her puppy

2. Cute dog pictures 101: Sugar and spice

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico 

These cuties were playing on the street near the beach town of Tulum. Perhaps a little guidance in how to pet dogs wouldn’t go astray, but no animal beats dogs as pets.

Great Dane dogs and owner in NYC

3. The tall and solemn type

New York City 

A little stand-offish perhaps. Greying at the muzzle, with eyes that have seen it all before. Way to live in Manhattan with two small horses.

Bull terrier dog and owner in Mexico City

4. Sporty spice

Mexico City  These two were all about the ball. Muscular, focused and having a fantastic time.

Dogs with owner in California

5. The cool kids

Los Angeles  Dogs that live by the beach are happy dogs. Outside a coffee shop in Venice Beach, California.

Boys in doorway in Mexico

6. A little bit cute, a little bit cheeky

Somewhere in Mexico

These three had mischief written all over them. Those specs almost make you miss the little dog at their feet. (Keep scrolling to see him.) As far as cute dog photos go, something tells me an adventure is about to unfold.

Puppy at owners' feet in Mexico

In conclusion: Dog is man’s best friend

When you look at the bond between dog and owner the world over it makes you realize how many things dogs are to people. Humans and dogs are just so damn compatible, aren’t they? We all crave the companionship of a dog. They fit themselves into our lives and make it work.

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