Furry Outtakes

A cute dog picture: a golden retriever sniffs camera lens

No matter where I am, cute dog pictures always seem to nose their way onto the camera roll. The out-of-focus shots and the slobber on the lens tell the story of close encounters I always have time for.

Cute puppy dog sits on sand

1. I’m a puppy, I’m cute.

What more is there to say? This little fella was scampering around in the sand near a limestone cenote on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Dog with blue eyes

2. Old blue eyes

Please tell me this dog’s name is Sinatra. South America.

Bulldog with tongue hanging out

3. Where is my hoo-man? 

Every dog owner knows this look. It’s the why-have-you-left-me-on-the-street-and-when-are-you-coming-back gaze, fixed on the doorway where the missing human was last seen.

Pekinese cross looks at camera

4. Say whattt? 

The expression you get when you suggest it might be time to leave the dog park.

Bulldog sticks face between railings

5. I live here

Yes, I live here. Bulldog’s the name. Mr Bulldog, to you. But I’m open to invitations.

Cute dog of St Bernard breed presses close to owner

6. Takes me with you?

How could you not, really? I met this guy somewhere that a St Bernard made no sense. Like, a hot beachy place. Yet, there he is. Look at those gorgeous markings. 

Cute dog photo of Pomeranian wearing booties

7. How’s that domestication workin’ out?

Ah, the lot of the modern pet dog. This was in Mexico City where I saw quite a lot of canine accessorizing going on. Is this for health reasons? For fashion? Because the streets are dirty and the apartment is clean? Sooo many questions. 

Shar pei puppy

8. Cute dog pictures 101: Shar Pei

What’s cuter than a puppy? A puppy with skin enough for three grown-ass dogs. The innocence.

tiny cute dogs pose for photo in matching vests

9. Coordinated chihuahuas

If you like a little dog. Two of the smallest dog breed in the world, out on a walk in their native Mexico. Did you know chihuahuas can live for 20 years?!

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